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The world of technology is changing really fast, and this change concerns the world of gaming. These days, gaming consoles are becoming faster, slimmer and better than ever. In few years, we will probably not be able to make a difference between movies and video games.  

Gamestick has the same concept as the Android TV Box, and it brings Android games and apps on your HDTV. Although it is an unconventional gaming console because its so small(2 inch), it will bring you hours of fun. Gamestick runs Android Jellybean and it is based on a dual-core Cortex A9 chip at 1.5GHz, along with a dual-core Mali 400 GPU at 400MHz, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal space, WiFi and Bluetooth. Everything as expected. It’s capable of 1080p video decoding. With this small console, you can play around 200 games that can be downloaded from Play Store.





You should know that Gamestick is a KickStarter project, and it will be available on the market only if the goal of $100,000 will be reached until February 1, 2013. The expected price will be around $79.



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