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Ever since Apple released their new iteration of iOS called (naturally) iOS 8, fans had various opinions on the operating system: some love the new features, some think that it’s becoming more and more like the Android OS. To tell you the truth, I think that over the years, Apple’s iOS changed for the better, and the latest iOS 8 brings some of the best features and design you can possibly think of. I love playing games on my mobile device, so I decided to compile a list with some of the best mobile games you can play on the new iOS 8. I will try to pick games from all genres, starting with sports, adventure and finishing with casino games and mind games.

how to train dragon

1. Dragons: Rise of Berk

As the title suggests, this game is based on the Hollywood blockbuster animated movie called How to Train Your Dragon! Hiccup, Toothless and the gang need to protect the village from mysterious strangers that threat the peace in Berk. Even if you didn’t saw the movie, you should definitely check the game.

FIFA series is probably the most popular sports game of all time, and in recent years it got a lot of popularity on mobile devices. According to many users and fans, FIFA 14 is the most authentic soccer game found on the Apple Store. With every pass, tackle or shot, you will dive into a beautiful experience packed with adrenaline and fun. Also, there is the Football Club Match Day. Check it out!

3. Racing Real 3
This is a winning franchise and I lost many nights trying to finish those races. It become the number 1 game in “Top Free Apps” category in over 90 countries. Real Racing 3 has a continuously expanded the list officially licensed tracks, adding many meticulously detailed cars from manufacturers such as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Bugatti and Audi. Id addition, you have the Real-Time Multiplayer modes, Time Trials, Ghost Challenges and innovative Time Shifted Multiplayer. In any words, you can race with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Angry Birds HD
4. Angry Birds HD Free
This game was really popular once and hardcore fans like me will probably stay with the franchise ’till the end. I love destroying things using my favorite characters. This new iteration of the game allows you to enjoy extra features (that I will not spoil here, since I want you to have the complete experience while playing this game).

casino games

5. Casino Games
Any gamer has a hidden passion for blackjack, online slots or roulette. You have multiple choices here. You can install the apps from Apple Store or you can play instantly using mobile websites. From time to time, I like to test my luck and spend few bucks here and there. Also, some of these casino games websites offer geek themed websites like Incredible Hulk Jackpot or Iron Man game.


6. The Walking Dead
Just like the TV Show, this game redefined the point-and-click genre. According to the users, it’s the best zombie games of the last years. You will play as Lee Everett, trying to survive through a zombie apocalypse and lots of conflicts. I don’t want to spoil too much, but if you manage to get through the first 20 minutes of the game, you will get hooked until the end of the series. I guarantee it!

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