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Sony has announced today, 18th February, the launch of three special limited edition versions of the portable console PS Vita and also a brand new model. Also the prices have been reviewed and the shelf-tag has been diminished by up to 50%. Before you get overexcited we have to say that unfortunately this is available only for the Japanese market, but there is still hope that this action by Sony will prove to be successful and will gain world application.

The first two special edition models are the “Starter Pack” and “Bonus Pack 32 GB”. These models of PS Vita are the very first that besides the Wi-Fi connection also features a 3G connection. The Starter Pack aims to a $215 price tag while the 32 GB is fixed at $270 (the equivalent in JPY of course).

PS Vita 32GB 3G PS Vita 32GB

While there are the three special edition models that are developed on already existing Vita models there is one brand new model brought to the Japanese audience: The Ice Silver model that features a new cool color (silver of course) and the MMORPG “Star Online Phantasy 2” by friends at SEGA. It will pack a 4 core ARM Cortex-A9 processor with 512 MB RAM and 128 MB RAM for video that delivers a 960×544 resolution on the 5” touch screen. While it will have only a Wi-Fi connection available it won’t jump the $215 mark.

PS Vita Ice Silver PS Vita Ice Silver Back

The models above are set to be available starting on 28th February while the last special limited edition model is set to be released on 7th March and it will be called “PlayStation Vita Soul Sacrifice Premium Edition” similar to the game it will include and the theme branded on the console. It will also have branded accessories and it will clearly be personalized for the Soul Sacrifice fans that will have to pull out around $270 (24980 JPY).

PD Vita Soul Sacrifice2 PD Vita Soul Sacrifice1 PD Vita Soul Sacrifice3

While waiting for the big PlayStation 4 launch set for 20th February  the fans of Sony consoles can digest on the PS Vita move on the Japanese market and hope for at least a cheapening of the portable console worldwide.



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