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After the guerilla war between Windows and Sony for the next-gen gaming console supremacy, after countless teasers and fake leaks and after bluff-statements from both giants the veil of mystery rises as Sony has announced to launch the PlayStation 4 on 20th February 2013. Even though PS4 was expected to be released after the Xbox 720 (or whatever they will call it) it seems that Sony finally got the balls to make the first step for the new gaming era.



There have been many rumors about what is there to expect from the new PlayStation 4 and long debates on what the new features of PS4 should be, but none have yet been confirmed. Beside the natural expectations that will most probably get implemented regarding the enhanced storage space and user interaction experience the real innovation everybody is expecting are the 3D games (one step closer to Johnny Quest’s virtual reality).




We have yet no idea when the PS4 will be available for sale, but we can presume that it will be somewhere in the summer time when the games will be hot (given the fact we expect some great games this year). The guys at Sony still haven’t released an official statement on the matter, but they have uploaded, in their own mysterious manner, a teaser video. Check it out below (it does have a PS2 feeling to it, right?).



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