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After nearly two decades of bringing the world the most exciting gaming experiences, the Japanese tech titan Sony has launched today, 20th February 2013, in New York City the PlayStation4 (PS4) console. Since first glance the presentation was meant to be full of passion as it was brought by several gamer-heads and developers of Sony. No corporative suit climbed the stage to bore the audience and even though the information quantity seemed overwhelming Sony summed it up for us and made it clear and bold that every feature of PS4 has been developed to make it as easier and fun as possible for the gamers.

Top notch specs

Launching the long awaited console had to come with the best technical specifications out there and it did not fail to satisfy as Sony announced that PS4 packs a jaw-dropping 8GB of RAM memory next to a processor with 8 CPU cores GDDR5 delivering a staggering 176Gbps transfer rate. PlayStation4 also comes with a secondary custom chip that is there to take any extra load.

Instant gameplay

PlayStation4 is set to offer the complete gaming experience of our times and in order to do so, helped by the nowadays development of internet capabilities, it enables the instant play of any game available out there. If you either buy it or just want to play the demo the PS4 enables you to instantly start the action while it downloads all the game content in the background without affecting performance.

Enhanced controller

The leaked photos of the PS4 controller that appeared several days ago have proven to be accurate as we are now presented with a new controller that has a slightly different look and feel than its predecessor, but if a thing isn’t broken than why fix it? There are no groundbreaking features but there is an enhanced ergonomic plus to the whole controller and some new very cool features. The biggest changes brought to the controller are the “share” button, a touch pad that has the role of easier navigation and a colored light-pad on the back that has a certain color for every player that uses the console. The role of the backlight is to enhance the gaming experience by using a strange Kinect-kind-of device that measures the distance and activity of each controller by tracking the pretty colored light.

Take your game everywhere

The real innovation in the PlayStation4 usage is the possibility to take your game out of the living room by just turning your console into a server that streams the game to … a PS Vita. This comes together with a promise of a real struggle of continuing to improve the Vita, but still we have yet heard comments about lowering the price on the portable console. The really cool thing is that Sony is giving developers the possibility to create versions and interfaces of their games for every device and OS that can connect to a network so we must expect soon enough to be able to play the PlayStation4 games on any of our device around the house. So it’s goodbye to the “king of the living room hill” battle!

Gamer Social Platform

Of course everybody knows we’re living in the social platform ages and even Sony must comply. But as the Japanese corporation has already proven so many times they don’t settle for complying and they strive to be the best. This is where the new “Share” button really comes into role and delivers a great social experience. You can practically share your gaming experience with as many friends as you like by screenshots, videos or just live streaming. You want to show a buddy of yours how to pass to the next level? It’s simple: just push “Share”. Everybody can add to their profile the gaming experience, achievements, messages for friends or groups and launch challenges. The possibilities are infinite from this point on.

Mind-blowing PlayStation4 Games

The PS4 launch came with a bunch of magnificent game presentations that will run on the new console. Needless to say that the graphics of each game is stunning and excites every particle of your retina. The new PlayStation4 is launched next to an awesome library of new games that each and one can now be added to the most anticipated games of 2013  list. Just to give you some names we’ll have: KILL ZONE Shadow Fall by Guerilla, DRIVECLUB, SECOND SON by SuckerPunch Studios exclusive for PS4, The Witness, deep down by CapCom, WATCHDOGS, Destiny by BUNGIE.

Sony + Blizzard = LOVE

A big surprise in the PlayStation4 launch is the announced partnership between Blizzard and Sony that are getting ready to “rule the world”. Blizzard has announced that they have developed the Diablo III version for PlayStation4 and PlayStation3. This sounds really promising and it seems that this partnership might deliver some exclusive PS games in the future.


In this PS4 review it must be specified that the new console has an auto-didactic module that will learn from the user experiences what are the gamer’s preferences and focus on delivering an accurate content that is customized for every user.

The information is still fresh and there are a lot of comments and breaking down to be done, but this PlayStation4 review pretty much proves that Sony has launched a great product.

We yet have no exact information about the in-sale date (it’s announced for “Holiday 2013”) and prices, but there are going to be a lot of updates to this post to keep things actual.

Windows, the ball is in your court!

Keep it core, geeks&freaks!

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