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2013 is announced to be a great year for gamers as we’re in for treats of every kind in the following months. From shooter prequels and sequels to simulation rebirths and new MMORPGs we will enjoy the whole range of action. Here’s a list of the most promising games that are expected to be released in 2013:



1. Grand Theft Auto V

The GTA world will be once more available for social anarchy and great missions in the city of Lost Santos this time. This game is highly appreciate for its single-mode storylines but we’re expecting from this release a strong multiplayer environment where you can “pop-a-cap” in a real player controlled character and have a nice drive-by with your friends.

1. GTA V

Genre: Action, Third-Person Shooter, Adventure

Producer: Rockstar Games

Rated: M for Mature

Release date: 17th September 2013 (PlayStation), TBA for PC and Xbox


2. Gears of War – Judgment

The prequel of the Gears of War trilogy will be here in March to give us a ride for our money in the events that follow the Emergency Day. Damon Baird the The Cole Train Cole will lead the Kilo Squad in the fight for Halvo Bay City against the nasty Locust and COG soldiers. There is also an enhanced multiplayer mode to complete fans’ experience.

2. Gears of war judgement

Genre: Action, Third-Person Shooter, Sci-Fi

Producer: Microsoft & Epic Games

Rated: M for Mature

Release date: 19th March 2013 (Xbox), TBA for PC, unavailable for PlayStation.


3. Starcraft II – Heart of the Swarm

A new expansion for the most important strategy game of all time will be here in short time. As the name suggests, the storyline will move to the zerg camp and we’re expecting some new features and twists to the stories. Blizzard never lets down.

3. StarcraftII Heart of the Swarm

Genre: Strategy

Producers: Blizzard Entertainment

Rated: T for Teen

Release date: 12th March 2013 (PC only)



4. God of War – Ascension

Kratos is back and boy is he upset. The storyline will lead him to redemption and the avenging of his family and we are in for another slice of amazing action and jaw-dropping graphics. This prequel will also feature 8 massive multiplayer maps where you can fight for supremacy with real player.

4. God of War Ascension

Genre: Action

Producer: Sony Computer Entertainment & SCE Studio Santa Monica

Rated: M for Mature

Release Date: 12th March 2013 (PlayStation), TBA for PC, unavailable for Xbox.



5. BioShock – Infinite

BS Infinite comes to complete the surreal action trilogy and now we are placed in the city of Colombia in 1912 playing as an ex-private eye named Brooker DeWitt looking for a dame named Elizabeth in the sky-suspended city. It’s announced to be a thrilly and spine-chilly ride.

5. BioShock Infinite

Genre: Action, Firs-person Shooter, Sci-fi

Producer: 2k Games & Irrational Games

Rated: M for Mature

Release Date: 26th March 2013 (PlayStation and Xbox), TBA for PC



6. Metal Gear Rising – Revengeance

It’s time for some Cyborg on Cyborg action as Raiden, known in the first Liberian Civil War as “Jack the Ripper”, suits up into his cyborg outfit and unleashes his sword on a swarm of cyborgs. This is where warfare meets with high-tech sci-fi and sword fights… what could you ask for more?

6. MetalGear Rising

Genre: Action, Sci-Fi

Producer: Konami & Platinum Games

Rated: M for Mature

Release Date: 19th February 2013 (All platforms)



7. The Elder Scrolls Online

One of the most successful offline RPGs goes online. The action will take place in the Tamriel continent with about one millennium before The Elder Scrolls V. So you can consider this a MMORPG prequel of the Cyrodill and Skyrim games.

7. Elder Scrolls Online


Producer: Bethesda Softworks & ZeniMax Online Studios

Rated: RP for Rating Pending

Release Date: TBA 2013



8. Injustice – Gods Among Us

Undoubtedly the most anticipated fighting game of 2013 with jaw-dropping graphics, mind-blowing features and extremely cool characters. We practically have all of our childhood heroes and villains in a major fight off in multiple-changing environments. Everybody asked himself at one moment who would win the fight between Superman and Batman and now we can find out ourselves.

8. Injustice - Gods Among Us

Genre: Fighting

Producer: Warner Bros. Interactive

Rated: T for Teen

Release Date: 16th April 2013 (All platforms)



9. Dead Space 3

Isaac Clarke and jarhead John Carver venture in space to find and cancel the source of the Necromorph spawn. Finding themselves stranded on the ice-block planet of Tau Volantis the engineer and soldier will mix their skills to survive and achieve their end goal. This is a great single player game, but even more fun in co-op mode with a friend.

9. Dead Space 3

Genre: Action, Third-Person Shooter, Sci-fi

Producer: Electronic Arts & Visceral Games

Rated: M for Mature

Release Date: 5th February 2013 (All platforms)



10. Crysis 3

In the year 2047 the city of New York is overrun by a Nanodome of the Cell Corporation and now it’s up to you, Prophet, to hunt down with your ultra-high-tech bow to restore the good order in the literary urban jungle.

10. Crysis 3

Genre: Action, First-Person Shooter, Sci-Fi

Producer: Electronic Arts & Crytek Studios

Rated: M for Mature

Release Date: 19th February 2013 (All platforms)



11. SimCity

What? Is this a mistake? SimCity is so old school… Well the franchise is back in the multiplayer era to make history once more. You can once more create the world of your imagination but this time your world will be able to interact with other players’ worlds and it’s up to you if you are going to embrace it for the sake of virtual-humanity or not. SimCity come back is expected to be a major success as it gets even closer to the parallel virtual life so many dream about.

11. SimCity

Genre: Simulation

Producer: Electronic Arts & Maxis

Rated: E10+ for Everyone 10 and older

Release Date: 5th March 2013 (All platforms)



12. Tomb Raider

Lara Croft is back… back in time. 2013 brings us a prequel of the intense adventures of Tomb Raider where we get to witness the evolution of Lara from her origins as a simple girl threw the events that shape her in the swift assassin she becomes.

12. Tomb Raider

Genre: Action, First-Person Shooter, Adventure

Producer: Square Enix & Crystal Dynamics & Eidos Studios

Rated: M for Mature

Release Date: 5th March 2013 (Xbox & PlayStation), TBA for PC



13. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell – Blacklist

USA is the greatest power on earth, terrorist have a problem with that, they have a blacklist of US targets and Sam Fisher, the president’s man, is on to them. Sounds familiar? No, I didn’t think so. Taken into account the “most original” game scenario it is nevertheless expected to receive a monster action ride in the autumn of 2013 as the good guys will unleash some of their greatest skills and weapons to eliminate the terrorist threats and protect the innocent. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell has never disappointed the adrenaline junkies and it won’t start now.

13. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell - Blacklist

Genre: Action, Third-Person Shooter

Producer: Ubisoft

Rated: M for Mature

Release Date: 20th August 2013 (All platforms)



14. The Last of Us

A post-apocalyptic story about two survivors, Joel and Ellie, which have to fight hard for their survival while travelling across the US. Plague, starvation ,mutants and savages with guns are the least of their worries. We’re expecting a thrilling and gruesome adventure from this PlayStation-exclusive.

14. Last of us

Genre: Action, Adventure

Producer: Sony Computer Entertainment & Naughty Dog Software

Rated: M for Mature

Release Date: 7th May 2013 (PlayStation only)



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