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The story of Internet Explorer is coming to an end. Back in 1995, a revolutionary operating system took over the world, reshaping the way we interacted with computers. I’m talking about the Windows 95, an OS that represents a milestone in the history of computers. Along with it, Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 1.0, an application that allowed the user to interact with the outer world via Internet. Ever since,  things have evolved. A lot. Nowadays, although IE is the third most popular browser,  it is regarded as an outdated application that couldn’t keep up with the trends. The best thing I can say about it is that IE is the perfect solution if you want to download a great Internet browser like Mozilla or Chrome. It’s a sad joke, I know.


Ten years after its official launch, Microsoft plans to end its “evolution”  for good,  allowing a new and bolder browser to take his place: Spartan. You may have heard this name in the past, since it was the original codename for Chrome. The new Microsoft browser will come with Windows 10, the following iteration of the well-known and loved operating system from Microsoft. My guess is that if they want the project to work,  it should be available for all the platforms you can think of: Linux, iOS, Android, Tiger…  Also, an extension feature and maybe Cortana integration will also be welcomed by the users. It’s the only way Microsoft can make a comeback with it!

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