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The original Surface from Microsoft features a 10.6-inch display. But one of the trend-setter in this domain, Apple, has already released a small version of their iPad, called iPad Mini. This makes me wonder if Microsoft will ever release a smaller version of Surface, or they will stick to the original design?


Well, there is a rising market for small tablets (phablets), and it would be a shame not to make some profit from it. Microsoft CEO Peter Klein said in a recent conference that the company is prepared to release a wide range of products to the mobile device market. This means that they will probably release an iPad Mini direct competitor, and it probably will be called Surface Mini. It seems that their new operating system (Windows 8) is very flexible and it’s ready for scalability, so all the apps can be scaled up or down, depending on the size of the display. Klein also said that they are not going to leave anything to Apple by itself, and they are going to attack any market segment where Apple is presented. This is another clue that Surface Mini will probably be on the shelves really soon.

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