Sony has unveiled at ISE 2013 the break-through projector with Laser Light Source Technology. This will be first 3LCD laser model with 4000 lumens WUXGA (19020×1200). In other words it will be the brightest projector ever.





Sony’s Laser Light Source Technology refers to the usage of lasers instead of LEDs that enhances the clarity and brightness of the output. So the 3LCD converts the white light and it delivers a very sharp image quality. Sony’s PR Manager, Tom Di Nome, states: „As a result, the Laser Light Source Projector produces substantially brighter images, better contrast ratios and outstanding color stability.”


The Laser Light Source Projector is set to be available for sale in the summer of 2013, but we still lack information about the pricing even though the producer claims to set a cheaper tag next to the previous models.



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