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nVidia has launched in Las Vegas the latest mobile processor, Tegra 4, which permits the American company to claim the first place in the mobile processors top, built for enhanced performance and long battery usage on tablets, gaming devices, auto-systems and navigation systems.


Tegra 4 offers a high level of graphics performance, fast web browsing and new photo capabilities through their new photographical processing.


The Tegra 4 processor, known under the codename “Wayne”, has 72 NVIDIA GeForce dedicated graphic cores, offering a performance boost up to 6 times greater than its predecessor Tegra 3. The processor includes the first implementation of the most advanced ARM architecture, called Coretx-A15, which guarantees an up to 2.6xtimes enhanced web browsing speed and a better performance for apps.


Tegra 4 offers support also for the 4G LTE standard for voice and data, through an optional chipset, represented by the 5th generation of processors NVIDIA Icera i500. More efficient and having 40% the size of a traditional modem, i500 gives a performance 4 times greater in comparison with its predecessor.


“Tegra 4 offers a higher processing power and enhanced efficiency for smartphones, tablets, gaming devices, auto-systems and PCs”, said Phil Carmack, senior vice-president, Tegra Business nVidia.”The new Tegra 4 functionalities, especially in the photographic processing sector, will improve a large scale of products, but will also lead at the creation of new interesting products”.


Projected to give a maximum efficiency, Tegra 4 includes a new generation core, dedicated for battery-life improvement altogether with the PRISM2 technology, designed for the reduction of backlight consumption. Tegra 4 consumes up to 45% less battery than the previous Tegra 3 and guarantees a whopping 14 hours of HD video play-time on smartphones.


One of the key functions of Tegra 4 is represented by the photo processing capabilities, which gives HDR photos and videos by combining the GPU and CPU processing with the camera image processing. The HDR function in Tegra 4 gives photos and videos a quality similar to the human-eye capture with immaculate details regardless the level of luminosity.

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