Now it’s possible to 3D print your baby before birth

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3D technology has evolved way beyond its original purpose and scientists have developed ways to print even human organs. It’s obviously that it has no limit, and there are companies that will think of unbelievable ways to make some money from it. For example a company called 3D Babies is selling custom 3D prints of your future baby!

The service is based on the famous 3D ultrasound scan that offers a 3D perspective for parents for quite some time now. With the new 3D technology, parents are able to “hold their printed baby” before his birth. I know, it sounds awkward (and maybe it is), but it’s all about science and shapes.

As you may expect, the cost for 3D printing your future baby is not cheap, and you have to spend $800 for the model of 20cm, $400 for the 10cm model and $200 for 5cm 3D print of your baby. You also have the possibility to customize the print (skin type, position, girl or boy) and the option to receive it in a small gift box.

3d Printed Baby

If you think the crazy idea stops here, you are wrong. The same company thought of a better way squeeze money from (let’s say…) creative folks : it’s even possible to obtain 3D replica of celebrity babies. For $250 you can get a printed replica of North West, the child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Now, I have to pose the obvious question: why someone would want this?

3d baby

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