Lockheed Martin SR-72: The fastest commercial airplane in the world

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Space tourism is the next big thing, but the companies are not neglecting the transatlantic flights, given the fact that the famous Concorde is still available. The Lockheed Martin, an “American global aerospace, defense, security, and advanced technology company” (Wikipedia) is working on a jet engine that is three times faster than the engines found on Concorde. The Lockheed Martin’s engine could reach Mach 6 (ie 7.349 km/h)

SR-72 airplane

The SR-72 model, SR-71 ‘s successor, is two times more powerful than The Blackbird (which could reach Mach 3) and three times more powerful than Concorde. Flying an airplane fitted with the new engine from Lockheed Martin will be so fast that the distance between London and New York will be covered in an hour. The 5937 miles between London and Tokyo could be covered in just two hours. Now, that’s fast!

Flying an aircraft that reaches Mach 6 speed has its risks. A small crack in the fuselage could disintegrate the entire aircraft. Let’s not forget that Concorde suffered one major accident in 2000 (France) that resulted in 109 passenger fatalities. The airplane crashed into a hotel in Gonesse, shortly after it was taking off from Paris.

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