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Some people will say that having a refractive surgery is dangerous and it has its drawbacks, but if you had glasses all your life then you know that it’s a small risk worth taking. But let’s start with the beginning.

About the procedure
The LASIK procedure has the purpose to modify the shape of the cornea, the clear cover that’s placed over the eyeball. When the procedure is done, the light that enters the eye will be better focused on the retina. The surgeon will remove the eye flap, he will be using a special tool (microkeratome or femtosecond laser) to remove the affected tissue, then he will reapply the hinged flap to the eye. If the procedure is a success (the success rates are between 92% and 98%), the patient will see the differences hours after the surgery.

Lasik surgery conditions
You need to know that there are some criteria to meet in order to be a good Lasik surgery candidate:

  • the eyes must be in good health
  • the cornea must be thick enough
  • the patient must not have large pupils
  • the patient must be over 18
  • the vision for the last year must be stable
  • the patient must be in good general health
  • pregnant women can’t have the surgery
  • the myopia should be between certain levels

The positive aspects of the Lasik surgery
The surgery lasts for about 30 minutes with preparation and surgery. It’s a surgery that will change your life forever. No need for glasses or contact lenses, since it corrects most levels of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. The laser is controlled by a computer, so it’s really accurate and precise. If the results are not satisfactory, additional enhancements can be made.

The negative aspects of the Lasik surgery
According to most patients who experienced this procedure, the results will vary in most cases. Some patients complained of bad night vision (glare and halos surrounding the lighted objects). In some cases, patients experienced dry-eye symptoms and in extremely rare cases, Lasik produced irreversible damage.

The price of Lasik surgery

The price of the Lasik surgery will vary, depending on the clinic, the doctor and on the country. In US, the average cost of Lasik procedure per eye is around $2000. If you plan to have surgery for both eyes, you may get a discount. Here is short infographic that shows some of the advantages of having a Lasik procedure compared to having glasses or contact lenses.

Via: King Lasik

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