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Robotic prostheses for human limbs have evolved a lot over the last 10 years, and their prices have been greatly reduced from tens of thousands of dollars to only 10,000 dollars for a “BeBionic 3” bionic hand, created by BeBionic. Touch Bionics is another manufacturer in this niche, and they recently released a new and unique model of bionic prosthesis called i-limb ultra revolution robotic artificial hand that can be controlled with the help of an application installed on iPhone.


i-limb ultra robotics revolution is the first of its kind, and it has 24 different grip options that can be activated directly from the app. The user can pinch open, grasp or perform a handshake. The i-limb supports custom grips that can be programmed by the user. Don’t get confused, this artificial limb is also controlled by the muscles of the hand, because it has sensitive sensors that captures muscle movements and nerve impulses. The start of the movement/action, the intensity of the movement and the release is controlled by the muscles. However, in order to switch from one type of handling to another, the user will use the app.


The application that controls this devices is called Biosim and it’s available only for iPhone. Touch Bionics promises an Android version of the app in the close future.

i-limb will cost around $18,000$, and it comes in three colors: black, neutral and skin-like color. It weights around 500 grams and can handle a load of 32 kilograms per fingers.

source: touchbionics.com

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