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As CES 2013 has recently closed its gates I remembered to take a look back at CES 2012 to see how things evolved with a very cool solar energy generator presented a year ago called Yeti 1250. It has been available for sale since April 2012 and it seems to have attracted a lot of interest among the green-energy lovers.

It’s not the first ever solar generator built, but in my opinion it is the first pro solar generator and I will explain why.


First of all let’s take a closer look at the name to try and understand where it comes from. While the “1250” in the name we are sure it stands for the watt-hour capacity this device can store we can only presume that the “Yeti” tries to express the size and complexity of the project and the big-foot-print it’s aiming to mark in the green-energy history. As for the producer’s name I can only hope that the GOAL is ZERO emissions.


This generator is so great because it can easily assure the energy consumption for a small-medium apartment or house in a fairly sunny area. It has 3 AC ports for 110 V for the laptops, PCs and TVs, 3 USB ports for the phone, lamp and funny-animal-looking-usb-charged-vent and another 5 ports for 12 V coming in 3 different types of adapters. It runs on 100 Amps battery cells and the batteries are led acid based.


Another great feature about this generator is the 4 battery slots that can be changed so you can double your autonomy. It also weighs around 110 lbs. (50 kilos) so it’s fairly easy to be maneuvered and it’s very silent.




The pricing seems fair as the generator costs up to 1500$ and the solar panels are sold separately for up to 250$. A good setup that can absorb up to 60 Watts requires 2 solar panels and altogether adds up to 2000$ (about 1500 EUR).


Keep it core and green, geeks & freaks!

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