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Following last year’s article on future technology trends, I decided to reiterate the invitation to peek into the near future and to see what are the best bets in terms of technology.

There are many interesting projects to look for next year, but I will focus on things that are of great importance to us, things that we use in our daily life, things that could change our life for the better in the years to come.

iPhone 5 mainboard

Everything is denser

Glass’s Law states that “for every 25 percent increase in functionality of a system, there is a 100 percent increase in the complexity of that system”, so according to today’s pace of advancement in technology, we’ll be facing more technology packed into the same (or less) space. This means that we’ll have faster and thinner smartphones and tablets, larger storage capacities packed in smaller hardware cases and thinner TVs with higher resolutions.

fingerprint scanner 2015

Better security

Apple opened a door in the security domain, and most companies will probably follow this trend. Samsung already decided to implement a similar security feature in their Galaxy S5 and I expect this technology to be present in many gadgets that will be released next year. People love it, and where there is a demand, large companies will surely supply. So, in 2015 we’ll probably see the tablets, keylocks, storage units and other devices using this technology.

better battery life

Better battery life

Lately, I read all kind of discoveries in the fuel cells field. Scientists are looking for alternative ways to create batteries, and if 2015’s batteries will feature at least some of these technologies, we can expect electronic devices with longer usage time. Also, better batteries will bring us cars with longer autonomy. Smartphones have an important role in our life, and 2015 will probably bring a new wave of devices that will last from 3 to 10 days per single charge.

3D printing home printer

3D printing in your home

I just read an article that HP is planning a mainstream 3D printer that’s affordable and faster than current similar devices. 2015 could be the year when we’ll be able to buy a 3d printer at a reasonable price so we can design and print our own smartphone cases, plastic cars parts, masks and maquettes. How about that?

quantum computing

Quantum computing, nano computers

This technology will mark a new era in security, surgery and in robotics, allowing for more complex algorithms and faster responses. Also, quantum computing could help the development of the first real time speech-to-speech translation.

wearable glass

Wearable gadgets

This trend is not new, but I can’t say that it was really embraced by the customers (so far). Now, Google announced their own smartwatch, so you know it is not something that will soon fade away. In the upcoming year, I expect smartwatches that will be more than an extension to your smartphone, but rather smartwatches that will be all-in-one gadgets. Also, we may see smart bracelets and smart glasses on the shelves.

Tesla Model S

The age of electric and auto pilot cars begins now

Seeing some of the cars exhibited at Geneva Motor Show, I understood that the future is all about electric cars and auto pilot cars. Although most of these projects were just teasing the technology, car manufacturers like Tesla Motors went the extra mile and they have created an appealing vehicle, the Tesla Model S, that will draw customers’ attention. Also, just like Google’s auto pilot car project, Tesla promised to release a self-driving vehicle by 2016.

The upcoming technology trends of 2015 bring us great news. We’ll have faster gadgets with longer lasting batteries, we can expect more complex apps thanks to quantum computing and we’ll be able to convert our own designs into reality thanks to 3D home printers. What’s your favorite technology trend for 2015?

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