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According to Moore’s law, the power of computers doubles every two years. But when Moore created the law, back in 1965, he had no idea that the PC will be obsolete in 2014, and that a new market will rise on top of everything else: the smartphone market. Today, it seems almost impossible to keep up with technology, because there is a large variety of gadgets that get released every year. 2014 is all about mobility, functionality and design, because it is the year when gadgets will be worn as accessories. In terms of technology, 2014 could mark the beginning of new era of solar devices, since the technology required to capture solar power is getting more affordable.

Future Technology Trends: 2014

Apple iTV

Smart TVs

This new form of technology will define the second digital transition of TV, because every High Def TV will become a web media receiver, allowing you to reach the Internet, watch Youtube videos or see your Facebook feed. If we are to believe the rumors and speculations, Apple is preparing a new gadget: the iTV, and it could be released by the end of 2014. The new TV may include technologies like iCloud sync, custom iOS, iPhone control, AirPlay mirroring and most important, it could feature a Kinekt-style controller. 2014 could also be the year when we’ll be able buy 8K TV’s with a screen resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels (4320p), with 5 times more details than current 1080p TVs. Hopefully, these devices will be available at reasonable prices.


Ubuntu OS Smartphones

Do you remember Symbian OS? Once upon a time, it was the most advanced operating system for cell phones. But iOS and Android kicked in, and the world embraced them, forgetting about Symbian. Ever since, no other mobile OS was able to compete with these two. All this could change in 2014, with Ubuntu OS, a mobile OS derived from the open source operating system for computers. Ubuntu OS proposes an unified experience for TV’s, PC’s and smartphones, so you could work and play every where you are, as long as you’re using a Ubuntu device. If you have an Android device with ARM or x86 processor, you might be able to install Ubuntu pretty soon. In 2014, we can get our hands on the first Ubuntu smartphones.   image source


Smart Watch

Everyone is talking about the new smart watch from Apple, the iWatch. Although this appeared on the Internet as a rumor, Samsung could not let it pass just like that, and it seems that they are also preparing a smart watch: the Galaxy Altius. It does not matter if the rumors are true or not at this point, all that matter is the customers’ reaction to these rumors. I am sure that Samsung and Apple have their eyes on every tech blog on the Internet, and they can see if there is indeed a real demand for these cool gadgets. 2014 is the year when we could read our emails on our watches.


Google Glass

This is a gadget that it’s baked for so long, it needs to be released by the end of 2014 before becoming a Internet myth. Google is taking their time to design a revolutionary device that might change the way we interact with reality, with information, with people. Just like the smart watch, Glass pairs with a smartphone, allowing the users to access additional apps and many cool features.


Windows 9

Windows 8 was not the huge success Microsoft was hoping for. Now, rumors about a new operating system emerged, and signs lead to the conclusion that Microsoft is preparing a new version of their legendary operating system. Their next project is codenamed Windows Blue, and I guess it’s official name would be Windows 9. It could be cheaper, more compact and it could feature more apps. If  these rumors are true, we could see the beta releases by the mid 2013, and we can install the final Windows 9 version by the end of 2014.

tesla-s-electric car

Electric cars

According to a documentary from 2006, the electric car was killed before getting a chance to prove itself. 2014 could be the year of resurrection, because car manufacturers finally understood that there is a real demand for clean and green, efficient vehicles. Tesla Motors, Audi, Ford and even Fiat enrolled in the battle for the best electric car. In 2014, we could finally be able to buy affordable electric cars with mileage performances that will compete with traditional cars.

solar powered airplane

Solar-Powered Airplane

If having an electric car does not meet your “go green” criteria, how about flying a solar airplane? As I said in the banning of this article, we are stepping toward the golden age of solar energy, and everyone wants to get involved. Solar Impulse, a company founded in 2003, has already built a plane that flew solely on solar power for 26 hours. Their next goal is to build another airplane that will circle the globe using only the green energy captured from the sun. We have a long way from this project to commercial airplanes, but as I said, this are the first steps we are willing to take towards human’s green future.


Full HD Smartphones

Although we already see Full HD displays in few smartphones of 2013, it is believed that most manufacturers will adopt this standard, and we will probably see more devices like Sony Xperia Z Ultra in 2013. Consumers want to see more details on their gadgets’s displays, and I suspect that also Apple will embrace this new standard in their upcoming iPhone 6.


We can hope for big things to come in 2014. Like the past trends, every new device that will be released is connected to the Internet, marking one step towards the complete digital world of the future, where everyone is connected to everyone.

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