A group of scientists from Netherlands and US was able to transfer digital information at the speed of 255 terabits per second (Tbps), ie 32 terabytes per second. If you do the math you’ll learn that 255 Tbps is just enough to transfer a 1GB movie in three milliseconds. That’s pretty fast, right? The team of scientists managed to beat the speed record for such a network transfer on a single optical fiber.

So far, the fastest transfer rate achieved in the lab was around 100GB per second, and that is 2550 times slower than the this one. A rate of 255Tbps is similar to the sum of the entire Internet data traffic at peak hours. Scientists have achieved such speed by creating a multi-cores optical fiber. Before this project, it was believed that building such type of fiber would take a lot of time, since the technology was not yet there. But it seems that their research indicates the barrier was overcome and we could expect to enter a new age of the Internet. Scientists at Eindhoven University of Technology and the University of Central Florida have used fiber with 7 individual fiber cores, arranged in a hexagon pattern. Its length was one kilometer.

fiber optic 2

fiber optic

Source: ExtremeTech.com

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