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nVIDIA has launched the graphics card that now takes the top spot in the performance charts: nVidia GeForce GTX Titan. Although the enhancements are more related to cooling properties, size and usability it snatches the crown from the chunkier sister card, the GeForce GTX 690, in an overall review.

While the Titan now claims the fastest GPU it still can’t be considered as the fastest card out there because the GTX 690 puts to work two lazier GPUs that together develop 3072 CUDA cores which run on a frequency of 915 MHx. Meanwhile the Titan’s lonely GPU pushes to 2668 CUDA cores at 837 MHz so it would be fair to say that the nVidia GeForce GTX 690 delivers a slightly better performance for a single display system.

GeForce GTX

If we’re talking about multiple displays than we must put our trust in the GeForce GTX Titan as it develops a GDDR5 memory of 6GB and 384 bits of bandwidth in comparison to the 690’s retribution of 2GB GDDR5 memory per GPU at a 256 bitrate.

nVidia Titan back

Last but not least the Titan (despite the name that seems to refer more to the performance size than actual size) comes packed in a slick and small aluminum case that stays cool regardless the intense graphical outputs that a gamer might engage. The Titan can be easily fitted in the smallest units that can easily pack more than one card if needed.

nVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan slots

The nVidia GeForce GTX Titan will be available for sale starting next week with a price tag of $999 (same price as the 690 model has atm). Titan doesn’t present technical breakthroughs and for many an immediate upgrade won’t seem feasible , but I’m sure that there are a lot of gamers out there that want the best of the best at all times and are ready to pull the full price out of the pocket.

nVIDIA Titan

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