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Photoshop is no longer a simple tool to enhance photos, it has become the foundation for a new form of art: digital painting. In few decades, we will probably see digital artworks sold at obscene prices and people paying homage to legendary digital artists. This means that the Picasso and Degas of future generations could very well be nowadays artists that paint lines, colors and feelings in Photoshop. Although many critics say that digital art has no real value, the same critics are probably amongst folks who can’t see the difference between a simple poster and a digital artwork.  They will argue that uniqueness represents the value of a classic painting. This may be true, but for me, the value of the art is not affected by the number of copies. If a piece of art touches my soul, I don’t really care how many copies exist in the world and how many people are touched by the same piece of art. Here is a list with some of the best digital artworks I could find.

10 Astonishing Digital Paintings created in Photoshop

1. Marta Dahlig

This digital artwork is created by Marta Dahlig, a 22 years old artist from Polad. If you get to visit her Devian Art profile, check her “Seven Deadly Sins” collection.

2.1 Linda Bergvist

2. Linda Bergvist

Linda Bergvist is from Sweden, and her work resemble classic ways of creating a paintings. She is from Sweden and she’s into digital photography and art since 2003. Right now she is working on a fairytale book with stories and illustrations.

3. Daniel Conway

Daniel Conway lives in UK and his work is mainly about tech. Most of his paintings are exploring the link between humans and machines, and the human future. Although his pictures are astonishing, he’s also studying traditional art. Nice tie!

4. Alon Chou

5. Alon Chou

Is it just me or this this artwork looks like a traditional piece of art? Alon Chou works as a freelancer on various projects. Looking through his entire work, I was attracted by these two paintings because they seem so organic and natural. Does it matter it’s all digital?


This artwork is called “The Last Guardian” and it’s probably amongst the best digital pieces of 2012. Created by Adam Spizak, it uses bold colors, advanced lighting techniques and hidden elements in order to astonish us.


Going down the lane of digital painting that depicts the future of technology, we meet “The Hand”, a bold artwork that contains a hidden message slightly masked by a parrot.


Motion is probably one of the main advantages of modern digital artworks. I’m not saying that moving paintings could become the next big thing, but it’s something that I see a lot these days. Source

9. The Angel

You can say that I saved the best for last. Wojciech Pijecki created a Portrayal of a Human Transitioning Into a Statue, posting not only the digital painting, but also the effort he endured in order to paint it. Pretty cool, right?

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