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Most of us take for granted that little device little device that we carry with us everywhere we go. You know what I am talking about, that small device that allows us to access Instagram and Facebook, to take beautiful images and, from time to time, to take or make phone calls. Usually, when we look at our smarphones, we see nothing more than a tool or a fun gadget. But some people took the smartphone to a whole new level, and they literally make a living by using it day by day.

I’m not going to tell that if you have an Android smartphone you will get rich instantly. But I am going to give you a new perspective on this device, and maybe give you a taste of what you can do with it in order to earn some money while still having fun. There are applications and methods for Android devices that allow you to earn money in various ways. However, everything depends on your determination and the time you can afford to invest is these types of activities.

Here are some apps and techniques that allow you to earn money on an Android phone:

1. Make money filling out surveys
With this app, you can make money by sharing your opinion on various topics directly from your Android phone. You can earn money by responding to some opinion polls. You can claim your earnings to your PayPal account only after you have raised $10.

2. Become a social influencer
These days, everyone is having a blast on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. As long as you are getting followers on your social account, you are on the right track. Find a niche that works for you, post as often as possible and wait for investors to contact you. In most cases, companies reach social influencers and offer them various deals including free gadgets, clothes and even money. How about that?

3. Sports betting
You could laugh while reading this, but I know some people that make a decent living through sports betting. There are many sports betting apps to choose from, and many apps that will help you in the process. Making a career in sports betting is not about picking the winner but rather about money management, patience and deciding on a strategy that works for you. And with a proper app, you will be connected with to your bets at any moment.

4. Money Apps
Earn money by watching videos, filling out questionnaires, playing free games, testing some free services, etc. The application promises new tasks and new options every day. This way you can earn money in a pleasant way and you can use the app for as long as you like. Payments are made via PayPal.

5. AppRewards – Earn Cash Money
AppRewards is a platform where you can discover great content. You will find tons of games and applications with gift cards. The points that are earned in the app can be converted to money in your PayPal account, as gift cards for Amazon, gift cards for the Play Store, etc.

These are just few apps and ideas that you can use in order to earn some cash on the side. Take your time, get informed, find what works for you and play! If a game or a method fails, don’t lose your hope. Most people quit one step before reaching success. Don’t stop there, take that final step and enjoy your earnings. What’s your favorite method to earn money from your Android smartphone?

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