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Making a living on the Internet has thought me that trends change a lot, and what was yesterday popular, today could become a thing of the past. Once, the land based casinos had a lot of popularity, and places like Las Vegas where “Heaven on Earth” for people who wanted to have some fun while having the chance to win (or loose) some money. Today, these real life casinos are becoming more and more obsolete, and people tend to love more the digital version of them, the mobile casinos. This article presents facts about the security, the winnings and the social impact of these types of casinos.

Inevitable, a question arises: how reliable are these online/mobile casinos. If you know your history, you should remember right about now that once, gambling has been declared by U.S. law as “vicious and unhealthy” for society. Gradually, things changed, and the casinos today are legalized, are thriving business with many employers, paying a lot of taxes for the activities they carry. The fairness of these ventures comes primarily from their desire to keep their customers happy. Usually, if the customer provides sensible informations (like address, credit card), the casino website will keep them secret. Moreover, a respectable such business will always offers a contact address to which the client can send any reviews or complaints. The user should look for that before joining-in.

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Are these online casinos legal and correct?
If you are a rookie in this business and you go to Las Vegas for the first time, choosing the best Casino can be difficult. On the Internet, things are different, because the customer can get informed before signing up for your first mobile casino account. A new player should always read the forums, see what other players have to say about a specific website, see how they pay, see what are the rules. Sure, there are many low-quality offers out there, but fortunately, they are pretty easy to avoid.

In terms of cash that are engaged in online games, the player should always know that this is a business in which the only long-term winner is the casino. Although it offers various benefits and features to its customers, such as bonuses or severance payments, there is a known fact that “the dealer” always wins. There is also the Jackpot matter, which is enticing and seductive, but very difficult to win. Although most customers are aware of this “unwritten rule”, they still like to throw some money on the table, because, well… it’s fun to do that.

The social impact of mobile casinos
According to a study conducted by the “Community Research Partners” Institute about real-life casinos, 1.2% of U.S. Adults are pathological gamblers, and 1.5% of U.S. Adults have a problem with gambling. The percentages doubles if the persons are located withing 50 miles of a casino. So, we can conclude that if the customer is located in an area with a facile access to a casino, he/she will play more often. If we translate this to the online gambling, we will definitely get higher numbers, since it’s so easy to access to a computer these days.

It’s difficult to measure the complete social impact of conventional gambling on general population, because the problem is so complex, but according to the same study, these hardcore gamblers will cost the society $5 billion per year (productivity reductions, social services, creditor losses). Of course, the numbers do not include collateral costs of divorces, infractions or drug problems related to gambling.

Although online gambling could lead to the same results, people still love playing those fruit games or BlackJack. So, what is a facile and safer way to do that? I would probably recommend filling that gambling hunger with a light app like that allows you to play just for fun (or money). Of course, these types of apps allows you to play for real money, but since most smartphone users tend to have a busy life, there is a lower chance of becoming addictive.

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