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This article is not a comparison but rather a tutorial to help you decide on which of these smartphone is better. Before getting into additional details and features, I should mention that deciding which smartphone is better depends only on your needs. Both devices have pros and cons and there is no way to pick the ultimate winner.

HTC One M8 or Samsung Galaxy S5? Common features

Let’s see the common characteristics of these smartphones: both devices have similar Full-HD displays (5-inch on the M8 and 5.1 on the S5) that produce incredible images. Under the hood, we find real fast processors (2.3 – 2.5 GHz), 2GB of Ram and 16/32 GB of internal memory that can be expanded to 128 GB through the microSD port. Both devices feature a powerful graphic card and a battery that will get you through a day of usage. As you may know from previous versions of these smartphone, the operating system that allows you to install all your favorite apps is Android in its 4.4 KitKat version. The price with a contract is the same, $199.


HTC One M8 or Samsung Galaxy S5? The difference

Although these two top-notch devices have similar size, their build quality is noticeable different. Samsung adopted the same plastic design that feels rather cheap and HTC went for a premium look by adding more metal in the mix. The result? HTC’s product looks like a metal jewelry while the Samsung’s effort brings back old memories that should have been kept in the closet. There is a twist though: because of its metal design, the HTC is really easy to slip through your fingers while the S5 feels more steady when it’s used. So, if you do get the M8, you should probably buy an additional case for it (or choose the other smartphone).

Now, we are getting to the interesting part that’s been giving me hours of research on YouTube and on tech blogs. Although these devices may have similar features, the multimedia area is really different and rather unbalanced. HTC is really proud of their main 4MP Ultrapixel sensor that’s packed into the M8, but let me tell you this: it feels like a child toy and nothing else. Sure, compared to other 4MP-6MP cameras it produces better images, but when you get to see the Galaxy S5’s camera in action, you will know that the M8 doesn’t stand a chance. Why? Because the Galaxy S5 has a 16 MP camera that’s way better than everything we’ve seen so far. And as a bonus, it allows you to record videos in 4K. Folks may argue that the HTC One M8 has a hardware depth of field feature (via the 3rd camera) that allows you to take artistic images, but where is the resolution? What’s the reason to have a DSLR-like shooting effect, if there is no way to print it on a large paper? If you think that the S5 won easily, you are wrong. There are so many people who love to take “selfies” these days, and the M8 swings back in this regard with a 5MP front camera that’s way better than the S5’s 2MP front camera.

In terms of audio speaker quality, there is no real comparison because the HTC is clearly the winner. The two front stereo speakers that are present on the M8 produce unparalleled audio quality, and the small rear speaker on the Galaxy S5 doesn’t stand a chance. Sorry Samsung fans, the HTC is just way better in this regard.

At this point, I feel sorry that I can’t customize my own smartphone by combining the top features found on both of these devices. As an exercise of imagination, I would probably pick the HTC’s body case, the S5’s main camera, the HTC’s secondary camera and the HTC speakers. Looking at the previous sentence, I understand that there are more features that I love about the HTC One M8 compared to “the other guy”. But that’s only my personal pick. What’s yours?

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