There are 2 days left until the launch of BlackBerry 10 and the guys at have setup a “browser race” between the new BlackBerry and the other two current most potent contestants: iPhone5 and the Windows Phone from HTC.





It seems that BlackBerry 10, besides its enhanced display, has the edge on navigation speed and can snatch the “speedy-browsing award”. Check out the following videos for a full review on the subject:


BlackBerry 10 vs iPhone5 in browser speed test

BlackBerry 10 vs WindowsPhone in browser speed test


UPDATE: BlackBerry Z10 has just been officially launched and it looks great. It comes in black (of course) and in white also, which is a big step for the brand. The Z10 looks slim and awesome and has great tech specs and it’s all-touch-no-buttons. We just have to wait and see what will it offer in matter of apps. Have a look at the BlackBerry Z10:





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