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With all the frenzy surrounding the release of Android 5.0 on various top-notch devices, everyone seems to talk about this huge Android upgrade. If you own a Samsung Galaxy S5 then you are probably really frustrated because the firmware update is available only in Polland and South Korea so far, only for SM-G900F Galaxy S5 version respectively for the SM-G900K version. I’ve been in your shoes and I know that the waiting game can ruin all the fun, and you’ll end up really angry and frustrated by the time the official update will be available in your country. So, why wait for it when you can have it right now? Here’s a short tutorial that will guide you through all the steps you need to endure in order to install Android 5.0 on Samsung Galaxy S5. The method is proof-tested by myself and if you go through all these steps you will end up with a Galaxy S5 running Android 5.0

Before continuing further, you have to know that if you chose to follow these steps then you choose to perform the Android 5.0 install at your own risk. In the process, your Galaxy S5 might get bricked or damaged and you may lose information. Installing the Android 5.0 firmware update image will not void the guaranty since it’s officially signed, but unwanted results may occur. Again, you are doing it at your own risk!


1. Make sure you have the SM-G900F version of Samsung Galaxy S5 by accessing the Settings > About Device > Model number. If there is another model there, you should stop right now and wait for the official update. This image will not work for any other models. Also, make sure you have over 50% battery.

2.Install Samsung Galaxy S5 USB driver from here or here.

3. Install/Download the Odin app from here.

4. Download the Android 5.0 Polland firmware update for Samsung Galaxy S5 from SamMobile. Extract the archive

5. Make a backup of your apps/contacts in case something goes wrong. Sync the apps with your Google account.

6. Reboot the smartphone and enter the Download Mode by pressing the Down-Volume + Home Button + Power button for few seconds when the smartphone is powered off. It will enter into a black and simple menu when you have succeeded.

7. Run Odin, press the AP button and load the Android 5.0 image downloaded at Step 4. Let the app load and check the image, it will take few seconds. Don’t touch any other options in the main window. You will receive a message when the loading/checking is completed.

8. Press the “Start” button in Odin’s main window and wait for the Android 5.0 image to be installed on your device. You can watch the progress bar on the S5’s screen. This process could take a while and the smartphone could restart few times. For me, after the update was performed, the first boot took a really long time. Don’t lose your hope and wait for it…



If the process doesn’t work or if you get an error message from the Odin software when you press Start you can try any of the following: change the USB cable to another slot, reboot the PC, reboot the smartphone and retry (not in that order particularly). Also, make sure the “Re-Partition” option is unchecked (disabled).

Bonus: After I’ve managed to perform the Android 5.0 update on my Galaxy S5, I have backed up all my data with Kies and I have performed a factory reset on the device. It took a while to get everything back after the reset, but it was worth my time. Now, the smartphone runs smoothly and I just love the new features included in Android 5.0 update.

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