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I am using a CuBox i4Pro running Open Elec with Kodi for a while now and I am truly happy with this little miraculous device. If you manage to add the proper repositories, it adds the full power of the Internet at your fingertip. I can also control it with my TV remote, which is definitely a nice surprise. But somehow, I managed to screw with the options and I activated the mute function, for good…

The problem
The other day I’ve just installed Kore on my smartphone, in an attempt to make the experience better. For those of you that don’t know, Kore is an Android/iOS app that allows you to control Kodi directly from your smartphone. While I was testing the app, I managed to activate the “mute” function on Kodi, and a red mute icon appeared on the top right corner of the screen, just like the one in the image above. I have tried to restart Kodi few times, but the problem persisted. There was no sound during a movie.

While I was searching for a solution on the Internet, I found users reporting that pressing F8 or + buttons on the keyboard fixed the problem. But I had no physical keyboard connected to Kodi, so that solution was out of question. I finally decided to open a movie and look for an unmute option in the audio menu.


The fix
Once you will open a movie from Kore, you will see additional control in the app, including a volume and mute / unmute button. Just press the Volume Up icon or Unmute and the problem is fixed. Just like that.

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