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iPhone 6’s launch is just days away, but various companies are already allowing their customers to preorder the device. That’s the case with China Telecom and China Mobile, two companies that teased the device to their loyal customers. What’s interesting though is that on China Telecom’s website there is plenty information about the iPhone 6. The images seem to present a smartphone with the same design found in latest iPhone 6 leaked. The smartphone has curved edges, redesigned buttons and a larger display. Just like iPhone 5S, we may have 3 colors to chose from when we buy it: black, gold and silver.

iPhone 6 PRO

One detail doesn’t seem to fit the story. There are two versions of the device and customers can choose to preorder the 4.7-inch version or the 5.5-inch version, but according to most tech blogs, we’ll get only the 4.7-inch version release on September 9th. The larger iPhone is expected to be launch later this year, in December. The Chinese website writes that iPhone 6 will feature a better Touch ID and a 3MP front camera. The screen will have a better pixel density (416 PPI) and the A8 processor.

Although China Telecom did not revealed the price, another operator, China Unicom suggested that the 4.7 version will cost $861 and the 5.5 version will cost $1024. Two interesting things were also revealed: the 4.7 version will be called iPhone 6 and the bigger version will be called iPhone 6 PRO.


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