The true nature of electronic cigarettes: they are not safe

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Electronic cigarettes are battery operated devices that can look like either a real cigarette or a pen. There are hundreds of brands and they are used as a way to get the required level of nicotine without experiencing the dangers of cigarettes. Most contain chemical nicotine, a substance which creates addiction. When you stop using the electronic cigarette there is the risk of developing apathy and nervousness, or, with less words, you experience a withdrawl.

A recent study draws attention to the increasingly popular electronic cigarettes. Although these are used as a supposedly healthy alternative to the regular cigarettes, it has been proven that they also pose a risk for our health.

Experts show that the steam produced by an electronic cigarette can cause mutations in DNA and, consequently, ca lead to cancer.
The research was conducted by experts from the University of New York, who exposed lung and bladder cells from both humans and mice to the smoke produced by the electronic cigarettes. They wanted to see what damage this type of smoke caused.

Let’s face it, we all know that any type of smoking is bad for health but this discovery shows the apparition of cellular mutations when the body is exposed to the smoke of electronic cigarettes.

This study contradicts everything that was previously thought about electronic cigarettes, devices that were advertised and sold as “healthier” than classic cigarettes. The researchers stated that, based on the results, they demonstrate that electronic cigarette vapors are carcinogenic, and smokers of this type of cigarettes are at a higher risk of developing lung or bladder cancer and heart disease than non-smokers.

As a matter of fact, even regarding the new IQOS devices presented as a healthier option for smokers, the specialists denied them having a positive effect at a cellular level. Most reviews of toxicological, clinical, and epidemiological evidence show that the chemicals found in e-cigarettes are far fewer and well below levels seen in cigarette smoke.

At the same time, the study shows that adolescents are becoming the most prominent category of electronic cigarette smokers. This must be an alarm signal, this being one of the most sensitive age groups in our society.
Of course, the safest courseof action is to stop smoking or, even better, never to start!

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