Starting with the year 2045 we could achieve digital immortality

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They say that if you have money you can buy anything, except immortality. Russian billionaire Dmitry Itskov is trying to achieve the ultimate goal of humanity, unlocking the ultimate power of digital devices. In this regard, this weekend, he invited several experts in this field in order to talk to them about how people could achieve immortality. Itskov is 32 at this time, he has over 20,000 supporters, and the meeting held at the Congress Global Future 2045 was founded by him.

The bold Russian strongly believes that in year 2045 every human could buy an android robot, just like Data from Star Trek. Itskov wants to make a digital/robotic revolution, entitling the new world created by him and his followers “neo-human”.

Itskov believes that by the year 2020 we will be able to control objects around, using our brain and digital devices connected to it. By 2025, scientists will discover a way to transplant the human brain into a robot that will replace a human’s dying body. Ten years later, in 2035, we will not even need the human body, because we can transport the mind directly into a computer. According the the Russian billionaire, by the year 2045, artificial brains will control the holographic bodies. This could mean that current society will change a lot, and a new set of rules will replace the actual ones, changing current order of things. We’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for us.

What do you think of this project? Is immortality achievable this way?

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