Bone fractures could heal faster with new discovered protein

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Although we think that human bones are remaining the same in our lifes, the bone tissue is in continuing reformation. This process is called bone remodeling and it happens thanks to the osteoblasts, cells derived from mesenchymal stem cells that are stored into the bone narrow. But the stem cells only convert into osteoblasts when they receive a special signal from the body. US scientists discovered a way to artificially stimulate the  bone formation with the help of a new discovered protein.


Stem Cells magazine recently published an article about a new discovered protein called Jagged-1 that could help humans recover faster from bone fractures. This protein help mesenchymal stem cells to differentiate into bone cells (osteoblasts). After 2 year research, scientists at University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine concluded that this discovery could make a big difference for patients suffering from bone fractures. The discovery also represents the foundation of treatments for Alagille syndrome, an uncommon metabolic condition.


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