A young girl of only 18 years old reinvents smartphone batteries

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Esha Khare is a young 18 year old woman from Saratoga, and she could be the one who reinvents our current smartphone batteries. Recently, she won a prize of $50,000 provided by the Intel corporation at International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF). The contest was held in Phoenix, USA, and everyone loved her small device that could be charged in 20 seconds.

This unnamed device could be a blessing for every tech field in the industry, because it packs all the energy you need to power a gadget, but it’s different than everything we’ve seen so far: it’s small, it can handle 10,000 recharge cycles and it fully charges in 20 seconds. Forget about hours of charging for a smartphone, if this gets implemented (and I hope it does), we could enter a new era of technology. Until now, Esha used the device to power smaller gadgets, but she is sure that the same principle can be implemented for smartphones.

This news shows that knowledge and imagination can spark great inventions still, and it is incredible to observe a 18 years old managing to invent an outstanding device in an unknown country of the world. And this happens when multinational IT corporations are struggling with great smartphones but poor batteries. Google representatives have made ​​contact with Esha Khare. Hopefully, we could see a future collaboration there.

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