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So, the story is short. My aunt asked me to search on the Internet for information on an annoying problem that’s bothering her for years. Of course, she is old and her age is part of the problem. But while I was trying to find some useful information on the matter I came across many more common foot problems that are usually easy to spot and easy to prevent. If you know someone that experiences bunions, calluses, corns, claw toes, hammer toes or arch strain then you need to advice him/she to follow this foot regimen:

  • Washing the feet every day with soap
  • Don’t be lazy. Walking 1 mile per day is good for the heart, but also great for the feet.
  • You need to wear shoes that are comfy and light weighted.
  • If you walk a lot, don’t forget to take some time off and relax your feet. Apply for a professional massage.
  • At the bottom of the following infographic you will learn how to perform simple exercises that will extend the “warranty” of your feet, giving you extra miles in your old years. Most of them use simple techniques with items that can be found around your house, so there is no need for additional investment.

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    Stay safe, keep your health in check!

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