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It seem that some producers still believe that the era for portable gaming consoles is yet to be over and will still last for years. The guys at Wikipad Inc. from L.A. have previewed the new Wikipad, a gaming tablet that will struggle to find its place somewhere between the tablets reign and the portable consoles. After a huge bluff at the CES 2012 , when the same guys announced a tablet with a detachable gaming keypad and a 10” 3D (w/o 3D glasses) display, they come back to make a sure promise that the Wikipad will hit the stores by the end of 2013 first half. We still don’t know if the 2012 presented prototype was way ahead of its time, had functionality flaws, it involved unbearable big costs or just was not what the consumer wanted.

While Wikipad brings some innovations it still feels like just a step forward from what we’re used to, so the gamble is off the table and producers are playing it safe. The soon-to-be-launched Wikipad will come with a 7” HD display that delivers a 1280×800 resolution and will run on a smooth Tegra 3 processor while operating the 4.1 Jelly Bean Android. It will pack 1 GB DDR3 RAM memory and 16 GB storage space. It sure seems that its main purpose is not to be a tablet, but can be used like one at times. The real curiosity is how they will manage to operate a gaming platform with so little storage space without frustrating the user. They really have to top up their game if they want to take a place in the market.

The Wikipad will have a price tag of $249 and we’ll see if that is worth it or not on our first review of the gadget.


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