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3D TVs have been on the market for a couple of years now, which means that the initial issues that always plague new technologies have been ironed out and so you can safely make an investment in this type of product without worrying about the quality of its core functions.

But why should you consider buying a 3D TV and will this technology have a long term future in a volatile marketplace?



Modern 3D TVs come in a range of shapes and sizes, with screens ranging from 32 inches to more than 50 inches across the diagonal offering stereoscopic entertainment capabilities. LED backlit 3D TVs are super slim and light, making them easy to mount on a wall or place on an unobtrusive stand. And with many TV stands available online, you will have plenty of options when it comes to how you place and present your display.



Although Avatar was not the first movie to use modern 3D techniques, it started an avalanche back in 2009 and now many of the biggest blockbusters around, from Man of Steel to Despicable Me 2, are shown at the cinema in 3D. To replicate this experience at home you need to buy a 3D TV, as otherwise you will be missing out on an element which is factored into the way that modern movies are made.

Live TV

While you may not be overly concerned about watching movies in 3D, there are many events which receive live TV coverage that are significantly more engaging with the extra dimension added. Various broadcasts are made in 3D, with some channels dedicated solely to this type of content. You can watch live coverage of tennis, Premiership football and Formula 1, to name but a few options.



Stereoscopic gaming is possible on current gen consoles like the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but with the next generation about to arrive there could be even more 3D titles to enjoy in your living room.

Getting truly immersed in the latest Call of Duty shooter or soaring through the streets of Arkham City as Batman with buildings rushing past will be possible if you have a 3D TV. And the interactive element means that virtual worlds can pop even more.


While there are many entertainment benefits to owning a 3D TV, one of the biggest motivators for modern buyers could be the price. 3D TVs are increasingly affordable and it has got to the point that this feature is usually bundled with lots of other capabilities to make up an impressive package of functions. A 3D set should also be able to offer Smart TV services so that you can stream video and access apps from your sofa.

3D is also a worthwhile technology to add to your living room, since it will become increasingly common in the future and many 3D TVs actually have the ability to retroactively add stereoscopic effects to 2D content on the fly. And if you are trying to find a TV that does not have 3D capabilities, then the good news is that they can always be turned off.

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