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Living in a world of technology is great, everything is so fast and information is one touch/click away. But, sometimes, it has its drawbacks and it would be stupid not to ask yourself questions like: “is WiFi safe?”. It’s only natural to find the answer to this question by yourself, considering that every smartphone and laptop we use everyday is connected at least few hours per day to a WiFi hotspot.

Before finding the answer to that question, there are some things you should know about WiFi signals. Every wireless signal in the world works via radio waves (frequencies). All these gadgets that we use to connect or to stream WiFi signals work under safety standards in order to protect us from harmful effects. Every such device has its own emission of microwave radiation, especially when you have your WiFi card on and you are connected to a router. But even so, the signal transmitted by a WiFi router is 100,000 times less than a microwave oven. WiFi routers work with low voltages and broadcast the signals in all directions. Now comes the most important part. Every time you double the distance between you and the router, you will reduce the intensity of the transmitted energy by 3/4. This means that the highest radiation can be found closest to the router, and as you move away, you will encounter lower radiation. (the same principle of the inverse square law).

Some people reported symptoms like headache, fatigue, stress, sleep disturbances, skin symptoms and muscles stress, all associated with the presence of a WiFi router in their home or at the working space. This happens more often amongst people who suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

Is Wifi signal harmful to human body?

Although there are many speculations on this topic, World Health Organisation conducted a study on this subject and concluded that there is no current evidence to confirm the harmful effects of WiFi signal (low-level radiation) on the human body. However, there are few gaps in the current documentation and more research is needed in order to be 100% accurate.

Until this question has a crystal-clear answer, our advice is to keep your router at least 3 meters away from your body. Try to switch off your laptop’s WiFi card if you’re not using it and, if you can, use a LAN connection. The best case scenario is to place it away from the room you sleep in.

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