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The other day I was cleaning my old room from my mom’s house and I was amazed about how many CDs I found. Sometimes you get lost into job and other businesses that you forget about the good years of your life when you were making mixtape CDs and when the only way to get a game was to buy an original CD with it. Nowadays everything gets digital, we buy music from iTunes without getting the physical CD, we download games from XBox MarketPlace or PlayStation┬« Store and we download movies from Netflix. There is no reason to point the obvious, even if we were to buy movies from local stores, we would probably get them on BluRay, since classic CD are way to obsolete. So, with these thoughts in mind, I’m going to show you 5 ways to get creative with your old CDs.

1. Create a cool CD lamp
This is probably my all time favorite way to put those old CDs to good use. Creating a CD lamp is not as hard as you may think. All you need is over 300 CD’s that are of no use to you and 4 strips of Multicoloured LED`s. Look for a rounded, square or hexagonal plastic/wood base for the lamp. It could be anything that will accommodate a CD’s dimensions. Connect the 4 strips of Multicoloured LED`s to the base, and add the CD’s from the top, making sure that the LED’s are going to the center hole of each CD. In the end you should get a nice tower that lights up with cool effects.

Old CD Art

2. Create a cool wall picture for your room
In order to create your own piece of art you can use anything, old CD’s included. Find CD’s of different colors, mix them together inside a wood frame and you’re good to go. Don’t expect to get a masterpiece from the first try. Check Youtube for tutorials.


3. Free some space, earn some cash
If you have to many old CDs and you don’t have time for DIY projects, you can get creative in another ways. My all time favorite is selecting old original CD’s that are still functional and converting them into cash. There are few services out there that allows you to sell CDs for money with reasonable cash return.

Old CD Flower Arrangement

4. Make a nice artificial flower arrangement
I’m not even going to describe this one. The process involves heating up the CD’s and melting them in forms that resembles flowers. The project includes a wood base, but I;m sure you can find a piece of wood around the house. You should definitely check this Youtube video for more details on how to complete this project.

5. Make an iPhone dock
Since everyone got so crazy these days with Apple’s new products (iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iOS 7) I thought it would be nice to add this small project to the list. In order to create an iPhone dock from old CD’s you need a USB charging cable, 12 CDs, pen, rotary cutting tool and a strong glue. Check this Youtube video for a complete tutorial.

img source: ipcdigital.co.uk

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