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It’s almost two weeks now since the launching of the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c and everybody around me seems to have bought it or plans to buy it. I’m still trying to figure out for myself if the new iPhone is indeed worth spending on for its technical capabilities or Apple’s marketing plan really pays off. One thing is for sure: there are a lot of people out there that upgrade their iPhones as soon as a new model is released.

As everybody might expect, Apple is planning to launch in 2014, most probably, the iPhone 6 that is rumored to come in a pushed-over-the-limit version of 128 GB internal memory (since we have not seen this memory in iPhone 5s). This will turn-on a lot of the consumers that use their iPhones at full potential (music, photos, videos, mail etc.) as it is a psychological reassurance that you won’t have to worry about the storage space on your device. But is this a good enough reason to upgrade?


It is also rumored that Apple has filed a request to patent the first wireless battery charging system (now we’re talking!). Don’t think that Apple isn’t aware of the stress all of you iPhone users out there get about your battery life and are spending a lot of effort and money into this. If this is really true than Apple will indeed reinstall themselves in the consumer’s mind as The Innovators. Don’t get overexcited over this though as it’s not like you can walk around the house with your iPhone in your pocket and charge it at the same time. This new wireless charging system is called Near Field Magnetic Resonance (NFMR) and it uses a magnetic field emitted, most probably, from a docking pad. “What’s the use than?” you say. Well first of all you won’t have to stick the cable in the rear (I heard of people that changed their chargers three times during one year due to damage from excessive usage). You will be able to charge more than one device at a time (this helps if you have more than one iSomething in your house). Last but not least is the fact that this would be ground breaking technology that will surely lead to that dream we all IT freaks have about wireless power. All they have to do now is figure out how to channel those magnetic fields so they won’t f**k-up our bodies.

A8 processor

The upgrade of the chip is starting to become a usual upgrade and upgrade we will get! It still remains to be seen if the next generation of iPhones will have the A7 chip that is currently found on new iPhone 5s or the bitten-fruit team (to be read “Apple”) will push themselves for the next A8 chips (more speed is always welcomed).

There are already talks about the direct launching of the iPhone 6 that will own the above features. I, for one, won’t go that far as we are already used to the marketing and sales strategies of Apple and I don’t think it will change because it has proven very profitable and just to make it clear the wireless charging will take some time to be implemented if it is true altogether. Of course, we may see a new iteration of the Touch ID (which was kind of unexpected element), a better camera (maybe 12 megapixel) and a larger display (since everyone is pushing for that feature these days).

Keep it core, geeks & freaks!

P.S.: Oh I.T. Gods, please put sense into the Apple developers to stick to GoogleMaps! 🙂

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