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It is well known that gadgets and mobile devices we own are meant to make our life easier, help us communicate, gain information and entertain us, but most of us also pin a role of business assistance on our devices. This happens thanks to a large variety of business apps that are available for download in the Apple Store and Play Store. In this article, I will focus on iPhone and iPad business apps. If you use your device for business purposes than you must have at least some of these Apple apps that will help you in your endeavors.



Transform your iPhone or iPad into a scanner wherever you are and whenever you need to store a document and even print out a copy. The TurboScan is really easy to use and incredibly sharp – one of the best apps out there. Save the documents as JPEGs or PDFs in several seconds.

PRICE: $1.99


Smart Office 2

Bring the Microsoft Office on your Apple device in style. With this app you can create, edit and share files from the Office suite. It is so easy and familiar to use and it also has a printing module if you need a hard copy of the document. It’s the perfect app for your business if you plan to read and edit docs on the go.

PRICE: $8.99


FTP On The Go

Accessing your FTP is no longer conditioned by your presence at a desktop machine. With the FTP on the Go app you can browse your ftp from your iPhone as long as you have an internet connection. You can move, edit and create files directly on your ftp in real-time.

PRICE: $5.99



This is probably the best remote connection app in the store at the moment. Whenever you are away for closing a deal or just making a sales call and you need to access your desktop PC or any other of your devices that run any OS this is the app for the job. As long as you have an internet connection you can control remotely your other devices with a really smooth stream and a high-resolution display.

PRICE: $9.99


SayHi Translate

Whenever you’re doing business with a foreign party and communication is difficult this is the app that can make the difference between failure and seal-the-deal. With a library of 40 languages the SayHi Translate will translate your spoken sentences in more languages than you probably knew it exists. It’s also great when you travel for vacation or just want to learn a foreign language.

PRICE: $0.99


My Wallet+

Don’t be fooled by the name of this app because it can manage even more than your pocket money. This is a very useful financial tool that helps you create and control your business budget. It will for sure become your closest advisor and will help you avoid negative cash-flows.

PRICE: $1.99



As a business man/woman you exchange a lot of biz cards with partners and clients, but saving all the information on the cards and using it when you need it can become really difficult for the most active ones of you. The ScanBizCards app is the most elegant way to store the information directly on your iPhone. In a matter of seconds you scan the card and this app will store all information of the card in your contacts list with incredible accuracy.

PRICE: $5.99


Printer Pro

Print anything from you iPhone to any printer in range. It’s the most compatible app for printing and before buying the app you can download the lite free version to make sure it works.

PRICE: $4.49


Data Counter

Whenever travelling abroad on business or just for pleasure and you don’t have an unlimited data plan the Data Counter app will keep a very close and exact track on your traffic no matter the carrier. This way you will exactly know how to handle your traffic and save money.

PRICE: $1.79


Tie Right

You have to look good at all times for a successful career and not few are the times when you have to wear a tie. The Tie Right app will teach you how to tie your tie without the need of a mirror. You have to choose from 6 types of knots depending on what suits you best or the occasion.

PRICE: $0.99


These are some of the best business apps for iPhone and iPad if you are serious about your work or if you aim at creating a career with the help of your devices. You can also check this post on interesting apps for iPhone.


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