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There is a buzz in the blogosphere regarding the upcoming Apple smartphone. We are 9 months away from the release of the next Apple device, the iPhone 6. But many voices state that we may be in for a big surprise. Before going all crazy with the speculations, let’s study the facts. Ever since it released the first iPhone, Apple was a trend setter. Its products were embraced by the users immediately because everyone loves innovation, great products and impeccable design. Although they tried to keep the size of their device to reasonable dimensions, it’s obvious that customers want bigger displays. Oh, and it’s not only that. I love the iPhone, but man… It’s time to update that 8MP camera to at least a 12MP camera. No more playing around with minor improvements and tweaks. We need a camera with more megapixels! Sometimes I think that they hold back this upgrade only to convince us to buy the next iPhone. It’s a known tactic in Apple camp.

iPhone 6 Air
iPhone Air
Ever since the release of iPad Air and iPad Mini R, there were many rumors regarding two new Apple smartphones with a bigger display and new names. SciNotions cited a credible source that implied that we may have two new iPhones, one with 4.7 inch display and one with a 5.7 inch display. And that’s not all! At least one of them will be named iPhone Air (since it will be very thin).

Other interesting features
As expected, the next iPhone 6 will have a faster processor (quad-core A8), a new design and maybe an eye scanner. It’s also possible to see an iPhone without a Home button.

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