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The smartphone market has been very active in the beginning of 2013 and we are still expecting some more action in the near future as Samsung is preparing to launch the Samsung Galaxy S4 on 14th March 2013. Once this happens, the list of contenders for iPhone 5S will be pretty much complete and Apple will have to match and come on top great smartphone like BlackBerry Z10, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z and Samsung Galaxy SIV (hopefully and most probably).

We have pulled together all information, trends, new tech, leaks and even rumors to put together an iPhone 5S review from the future while waiting a launch date confirmation from Apple that will most probably be set in the summer time.

iPhone 5S colors

So this is how our iPhone 5S looks like:

First of all we’ll take a look at the new display. It’s understandable that Apple kept the same display size on iPhone 5S as on iPhone 5 as it was a huge step for them anyway to expand at 4 inches. iPhone will stick to this size for some time as it’s economically efficient, first of all, and another change so fast will make Apple look unreliable on their decisions. One big change in the display department is the 468 ppi display that delivers one of the sharpest and clearest images out there.

iPhone 5S colors1

The crystal clear display comes in swing with a monstrous 14 MP camera that delivers 1080p HD photos and videos.

With those specs the iPhone 5S needs the new A7 processor that delivers 1.7 GHz and is supported by 2 GB DDR3 RAM memory.

As expected after the 128 GB version of iPad, the iPhone 5S also comes in a new 128 GB storage capacity version that gives users more than they would get in most of other smartphones while still protecting Apple’s environment-control that doesn’t allow SD cards.

iPhone 5S scores in the battery-life issue as it comes with an enhanced battery that expands autonomy by 20% versus its predecessor iPhone 5. The new battery comes together with the wireless charging technology that allows you to charge your iPhone 5S by just placing it on a charging slate and also the solar charging foil that you can stick on the back of your iPhone 5S and get power pumped into the battery while exposing it to light sources.

Needless to say the iPhone 5S comes with an enhanced communication kit that provides a powerful 4G connectivity.

This is our iPhone 5S review from our trip in the future and all that remains now to be seen is that if we visited the right universe.

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