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It seems that Apple has decided to prepare a premium version of iPad4 that will have a storage space of 128 GB next to the mainstream version of 64 GB. This sounds really great but are the iLovers ready to overpay the already expensive 64GB version for double the memory space? Apple is sure that there are a lot of clients out there that will be interested and I have a feeling they will confirm this very close to the launch date.


We are fair to expect under these circumstances also a new version of iPods that will take it to the 128 GB milestone. As media content is at an all-time peak we will be looking forward continuously for storage space enhancement but keep in mind that the pace of the market is so hasty that you might be able to buy a product considerably cheaper if you just wait for a couple of months after the launching date.


iPad4 gen


UPDATE: It seems that the 128 GB iPad will be available in about a week and the prices will range from 1000$ (760 EUR) for the Wi-Fi iPad (in both black or white) and up to 1150$ (850 EUR) for the Wi-Fi + Cellular iPad. OUCHIE!

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