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Apple just rolled out their latest iOS 7.1 update, and I’ve just had the pleasure of testing it on my old iPhone 4S. In the past, there was a real conspiracy regarding these updates, and many users stated that Apple was deliberately making new versions of the iOS run slower on older device just to “convince” the users to upgrade their devices. For a long period of time I agreed with this theory, but the iOS 7.1 update just clear Apple’s name in my case. I’m not sure if it has something to do with the Android KitKat release, but iOS 7.1 brought a new life to my phone. I was actually considering an upgrade to iPhone 5 or 5s, but after this update I think I’m going to stick with my old iPhone 4S for a while. Let’s see what’s new here…

ios 7.1 lockscreen

These are the iOS 7.1 that I’ve spotted so far on my iPhone 4s. First, you will notice a slightly changed lockscreen and a new call screen with colored keypads. Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me, but the keyboard seems different in this update, the letters are heavier. Also, the “delete” and “shift” key are easier to spot. iTunes app and iTunes Radio are also slightly changed.

But the biggest difference is in the general usability. Maybe this is wishful thinking, but the iPhone 4S runs better with this new update, the apps are opening faster and there are few app crashes (like the Scout app). Here is a chart that shows the actual time improvements for opening various apps with this update versus previous versions.


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