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Jailbreak for iOS 6.x (iOS 6.1 included) is here. Many Cydia fans were waiting for this JB, and the large amount of folks who visited the official website of evad3rs (the team who developed this version of Jailbreak)  these days  is a clear confirmation that iOS 6.x is still not perfect and it needs more customization. That’s why I’m going to gather the best Cydia apps you can test on your iOS 6. Before jailbreaking your iPhone, you should know that this action will void the device’s warranty and in some cases can harm your iPhone.


Best Cydia apps for iOS6




SBSettings for iOS 6 – This Cydia app is the best control panel for your iPhone. Just swipe the clock area and you’ll get the most important controls to the main screen (3G, Airplane mode, Data Connection, Location, Wi-Fi, Brightness) and more controls. I think this is the most useful app you will find in the Cydia store and I still don’t know why Apple has not developed this option so far.


Five Icon Dock for iOS 6 – This is another cool Cydia app you can install on your iOS 6 device. It allows you to place five icons on the dock instead of four. It’s not much, but it’s perfect if you want to add WhatsApp or other cool app on your dock without removing the default ones. There is always another alternative called Infinidock that allows you to add infinite icons to your iOS dock. Choose the one that suits your needs better.


Color Profiles – Did you noticed a yellow tint on your iPhone 4S? Don’t worry, it seems that this is a common issue encountered in some 4S devices. There is no cheap hardware workaround for it, but you can install Color Profiles and add more contrast and more blue to your display settings. I know it fixed my 4S really nice.


Cyntact –  Maybe it’s just me, but I hate the fact that iOS 6.1 does not feature an option to assign small pics to the contacts in my favorite list. This changes with Cyntact, because, after installing it, you will be able to see  profile pictures in the contact lists. 


Infinifolders for iOS 6 – This app is really useful if you have tons of apps and you try to organize them in the least amount of folders. Infinifolders will increase the limit of apps you can include in a folder from 16 apps to infinite number of apps. 


TetherMe – I saved the best for last. This apps is a life savior if you need to add a custom APN to your iOS 6 Internet settings. After the iOS 6.1 update, some users had real trouble trying to setup a custom APN into iPhone’s 3G settings (because there was no “Cellular data network” in Cellular Settings). After many tryouts and fails, a fix to this problem was found:

  • Reset the network settings
  • Install TetherMe and the Cellular Data Network will appear
  • Add custom APN in Cellular Data Network

This Cydia app also allows you to share your Internet connection with other devices. Pretty cool, right?


These are the best Cydia apps you can test if you have already Jailbreaked your iOS 6 device. Most of them are really cool and they bring those extra settings everyone is looking for. As usual, we do not advise you to Jailbreak your device, we do not advert jailbreaking iPhones and we do not promote Jailbreak websites. Jailbreaking your iPhone will void the warranty and can crash your iOS.

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