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Apple skeptics have been long searching to pick on a solid base to attack the iFamily and they finally got their brake with the launching of iPhone 5. Yes, you know it; I’m talking about the Apple Maps that proved to be bugged to say the least. As the S. Jobs followers managed to pull-off a pretty efficient damage control they started working on a solution right away so they will have „the best of the best” gps app out there at the launching of their iPhone 5S.


Rumors talk about Apple approaching the guys at Waze, who managed to build a very good gps platform and already experiences a growing success on the iOS platform. Negotiations seem to be advanced as figures are already on the table, Waze putting a tag of $750 million on their product while Apple is offering $400 million up-front and another $100 million for stimulents.




Waze is a navigation system guided by voice and it’s used in a social-platform system with live traffic updates and all kind of location services making it very practical and nevertheless fun to use. In any case Apple is now forced to pull a big fat rabbit out of the hat in order to stay in the navigation race against Google and Microsoft.


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